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9 perfect Christmas gifts for all the lovely ladies in your life

A beautiful christmas photo of Maravilos jewellery gift box surrounded by christmas holly

Looking to gift a friend or loved one something special this Christmas, but have no idea where to start? Fear not, we’ve put together a list of our favourite sure-to-please jewellery pieces to help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, because let's face it, every girl wants something sparkly to unwrap at christmas.


Royal Blue Signet ring

If you’re after a gift to impress this Christmas, this royal blue signet ring is a sure winner. This on-trend ring is a must-have accessory this season and will definitely score you some brownie points.

A beautiful photograph of a royal blue signet ring, made from sterling silver and finished in 18k gold and blue enamel-a perfect christmas present idea


Infinity rose necklace

Show your infinite and eternal love with this beautiful infinity necklace. Simple and tasteful this necklace will match any outfit perfectly and is sure to be loved for years to come by its lucky recipient.

A model photograph of a rose gold infinity necklace by independent designers Lucky Culture


Quartz ball necklace

If she adores all things pretty and loves meaningful gifts, then look no further than this Quartz ball necklace. This beautiful and mesmerising gemstone is said to open hearts and attract love. It's the perfect gift to keep the romance alive this Christmas.

A model image of a quartz ball necklace made from sterling silver and finished in 18k gold by independent designers Yuka


Dainty drop earrings

If you have someone classy and elegant in your life, spoil her with these dainty drop earrings. Featuring a swarovski crystal and finished in rich blue enamel, they simply radiate glamour and elegance.

Vintage inspired email earrings by independent designer Juliette vert


Regal Locket

This locket will keep all of her most cherished memories close to her heart. Finished in a choice of electric blue or regal red, it’s the perfect keep-forever piece. Don't forget to put a picture in it to make it extra special! 

A beautiful image or vintage royal blue and regal red lockets- a perfect christmas gift idea


La Reine ring 

Our enamel rings are so pretty you"ll want to keep them to yourself. If your loved one is a fan of vintage style, then we guarantee she'll fall in love with them too. 

A model photograph of blue and red enamel rings inspired by vintage style by independent designer Juliette Vert


Stackable rings

If you’re looking for a gift that’s a little simpler, and that wont break the bank, Haya’s stackable rings are a great choice. Versatile, stylish, and super stackable, they tick all the boxes. Go for the pearl if you are feeling classy or choose the naturally alluring lapis version for a modern twist. 

stackable pearl rings on a beautiful peach background. Made from sterling silver and finished with a beautiful pearl- a perfect Christmas gift idea


Aventurine necklace

For the friend who might need an extra bit of courage this season, gift her this gorgeous gemstone piece. The aventurine stone is believed to bring strength and good luck to its owner, which makes this gift all that more special.

A model image of the gorgeous green aventurine gemstone necklace designed by independent designer Yuka


Fern necklace

Our fern necklace is the perfect piece for the Christmas period, inspired by the festive fern leaf it just Oozes seasonal sparkle. Simple and stylish, this necklace makes a pretty pressie for a special friend.

 A model wearing our Christmas fern leaf necklace, this festive necklace is made from sterling silver and finished in 18k gold


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