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Fun jewellery storage hacks!

A still life photograph of a Maravilos beautiful peach jewellery box sat next to two beautiful bracelets.
Storing your jewellery correctly is the best way to look after your precious pieces, but if you're jewellery obsessed like us and own a sizeable amount, you’ll know how difficult it is to keep it organised. Tiny earrings have a way of magically separating and never finding each other again, and necklaces always seem to get tangled the second you put them down. Sure, you can keep your jewellery hidden away in a box, but if your jewellery collection is extensive then you may need an alternative. Here are some simple, practical and also slightly more unusual storage ideas to give your jewellery collection a revamp.

For those tiny earrings and rings

Bowls are perfect for storing small pieces of jewellery, especially rings and earrings. You could even switch the bowl for something more fun, such as an an old cake tin, teacups or a trinket dish, the possibilities are endless!

A beautiful photograph of pink marble jewellery trinket dishes by Etsy


How cute would Yuka's Farfara earrings look in this dish? If you have a little more time on your hands, why not have a go at making and decorating one of your own. These do it yourself trinket dishes are a great way to express your creativity! Click here for an easy step by step guide to creating your own gorgeous tropical dish. 

A beautiful photograph of tropical themed trinket dishes-perfect for storing jewellery such as rings and earrings


They’ll be no more lost studs with this super cool earring holder, stylish and simple, this wooden stand is great for displaying all of your studs and dangly earrings neatly in one place. The Merrythought have shared their tips on making your very own, click to find out more.

A beautiful photograph of a quirky wooden earring holder/stand.


Necklace organisers

Keep your necklaces untangled once and for all with these unique necklace stands. If you like to show off your jewellery even when you’re not wearing it, this Cooper stand is great for displaying all of your beautiful pieces as well as keeping them neat and tidy.  

A beautiful photograph of a unique copper necklace stand by


This cute pineapple hook will make it super easy to grab your favourite piece and and go, whilst also adding a decorative touch to your room. 

A beautiful photograph of a unique pineapple jewellery holder. This fun and quirky design is from not a jewellery box


When it comes to storing necklaces, there's really no restrictions on what you can use. This idea will lend a little bit of artistic flair to your jewellery storage, and all you need is some plywood and glue. Fancy giving it a go? find out how to make your own here.

A cool and beautiful photograph of do-it-yourself wooden jewellery stand.





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