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London fashion week | be ahead of the trends

London fashion week | be ahead of the trends

 It never hurts to stay one step ahead which is why we've already starting doing some next-season accessory planning. From ribbons to polka dots, lace to leopard  print, we've handpicked our favourite catwalk looks from London fashion week and chosen pieces that compliment these future trends. So get ahead of the game by embracing these looks now, and be ready for spring/summer 2019!


London fashion week Bora aksu spring/summer 2019 collection

( Bora Aksu Spring/Summer 2019)

Victorian-stlye hemlines, ruffled collars and ribbons, this romantic look has us head over heels! To embrace this feminine trend, think classical and decorative jewellery, this will beautifully compliment delicate lace and enhance this oh-so elegant look.

..................     Burgundy Victorian locket                                   Vintage drop earrings
Leapord print trend by Ashley Williams, Nicopanda-kate catwalk shows at London fashion week
                                         (Ashley WilliamsNicopanda-kate Spring/Summer 2019)

Animal print has already taken over autumn, and it looks we're in for a wild spring too. This urban jungle trend was dominating catwalks at London fashion week! Whether you prefer tiger, zebra or leopard print, amplify this look with our fierce animal jewellery to really make a roar!



...                    Fierce Tiger pendant                                                Proud Rhino ring


 Peter Polato, Mary Katrantzou spring/summer 2019 catwalk shows at London fashion week 2018

( Peter Polato, Mary Katrantzou, Spring/Summer 2019 )

Embrace you inner glam with black and gold- a true match made in heaven. Monochrome prints and strong stripes are key for recreating this bold and dominant look. Enhance it by accessorising with glamorous gold jewellery that has just an element of black to create a cutting-edge and luxurious aesthetic.


....................... Enamel star pendant                                                   Onyx earrings


Ryan LO spring/summer 2019 catwalk show at London fashion week 2018

(Ryan LO Spring/Summer 2019)

Playful polka dots and princess themed dresses, this dreamy watercolour look is our childhood fantasy come to life. Think youthful and fun by embracing this fairytale trend with cute and magical gold jewellery.



.......................        Phoenix pendant                                                   Cherry leaf ring

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