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Myths, Legends and Folktales

Myths, Legends and Folktales
With Halloween just around the corner, ghost stories, myths and folktales are looming in the air, so to honour the spookiest night of the year we’ve dedicated this post to our favourite mythological symbols. Read on at your own risk to discover the scary superstitions and myths behind them.

The evil eye curse

First recorded over 5,000 years ago, there is no symbol more largely recognised than the evil eye. As well as been one of the trendiest pieces of jewellery of 2018, the evil eye also holds an extremely deep and some may say spooky historical meaning.

The Evil eye is a type of magical curse which stems from magical thinking and superstition. The curse of the eye originated from the belief that if someone is successful they will attract jealousy from others around them. In essence, this envious eye is what casts the evil eye curse, and receiving it will undo good fortune, cause bad luck or even injury. In some cultures, It’s said that people with green or blue eyes are best at delivering the evil eye, and that those who possess this malevolent glare are in-fact cursed themselves. So you may want to think twice next time you receive a glare from a green or blue-eyed friend. 

Spreading from east to west, belief in the eye spans across cultures as well as generations, so it’s not at all surprising that we came up with a way to repel this catastrophic curse. Evil eye amulets, and rings were created to protect against the eye, but be aware! To wear a piece of evil eye jewellery without knowing its purpose and abilities, could in fact cast an even more potent curse.

An evil eye rose gold signet ring designed by independent designers Lucky culture, this ring is made from sterling silver and finished in rose gold.Protector rose ring by Lucky Culture

 The legend of the phoenix

Symbolising resurrection, rebirth and clarity, the phoenix is a mythical bird who can sense when the end is near. It’s said that when this supernatural creature perceives its imminent death it bursts into flames and then reemerges from its own ashes- releasing itself from the sentence of death. In this sense the phoenix never really dies, it’s an immortal creature that continuously rises from the ashes.

From greek mythology to Christianity, the magnificent bird is widely recognised in many cultures, though some may tell different stories, the symbolically meaning of the phoenix always stays the same. Because of its mystical ability to die and come back to life, to wear a phoenix pendant is thought to bring strength, renewal and transformation.

A symbolical piece jewellery made from sterling silver and finished in rose gold, representing the phoenix this piece is designed by independent designers Lucky culturePhoenix pendant by Lucky Culture

Mermaid folktale

Often portrayed as beautiful with long flowing golden hair, many people may think mermaids are harmless, however, some tales believe that these mystical underwater creatures can bring bad fortune, cause storms and are even capable of killing humans.

According to British folklore mermaids were thought to be dangerous to mankind, it was believed that to see one at sea was an omen of a shipwreck. Other tales tell the story of mermaids using their desirability and enchantment to lure men to their grave by dragging them under the sea and drowning them. Scary right?

Associated with desire, misfortune and of course luring sailors to their death, to wear a mermaid pendant or amulet is said to help keep away danger, and resist temptation.

A beautiful photograph of a mermaid pendent made from sterling silver and finished in gold. This unique piece of jewellery is designed by Lucky Culture Benevolent Mermaid by Lucky Culture

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