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Our golden Valentine gift guide

Our golden Valentine gift guide

Gifting jewellery for Valentine’s may not be new, but gifting a beautiful piece of designer jewellery completely unique to your loved one never goes out of fashion. We feel extremely passionate about the uniqueness of our jewellery and pride ourselves in delivering exceptional pieces unlike any other.

So when it comes to finding that perfect present for your loved one this Valentine’s day, why look any further? 

We want to guide you through the tricky gift-choosing process and make sure you get the right piece for your Valentines. To make your lives that little bit easier we have created this list to help you find that special gift that will reflect the personal taste and style of your significant other and melt her heart. We are sure that together we can put a big smile on her pretty face this Valentine’s day. 

Pebble letter necklace - The casual dresser

This beautiful pebble pendant is the perfect piece of everyday jewellery. Engrave a letter of your choice onto its simple design to make it extra special and all that more thoughtful, maybe even add your own letter so that she can show them off together. 

Gorgeous photograph of personalised pendant by independent designer Yuka, an everyday jewellery piece, made from sterling silver and finished in gold. Stunning cherry earrings by designer Pinar, an elegant and feminine jewellery piece, hand-finished, made from sterling silver and finished in gold.Pebble letter necklace.                                             Cherry leaf earrings.                                                                                                         

Cherry leaf earrings - For those who like a feminine touch

For your sweet sweet valentine, these sweet cherry earrings will have her dreaming of romantic picnics in the park. These charming studs beautifully combine femininity with elegance and are the perfect everyday accessories.

Infinity necklace - For jewellery fanatics 

Rose gold truly is the trend of the moment, which is why this Infinity rose necklace is a must-have gift. Ideal for day and evening wear, its versatile design makes it the perfect piece to layer up with other necklaces, or to wear on its own. A simple design that can be styled with any outfit, and a go-to for hand-made jewellery lovers.

Photograph of stunning infinity necklace, a simple jewellery piece, by independent designers Lucky Culture, hand-finished and made from sterling silver, finished in rose gold. Gorgeous Tussilago farfara pendant, nature inspired jewellery piece, by designer Yuka, made from sterling silver and finished in gold.Infinity necklace. (worn by @stylewithstarr.)     Farfara pendant.                                                            

Farfara pendant- For those who have a passion for fashion

For all the nature lovers out there, this Farfara pendant based on the ever so fashionable Tussilago leaf, makes for the perfect gift. If you’re looking for something tasteful as well as stylish, you’ve found it. This nature inspired pendant, finished with delicate matt gold, will add a touch of elegance to any look.

Geometric stud earrings - For those who fancy minimalism

If you’re looking for a gift that is timeless but still unique then these contemporary geometric earrings are the one. They are big enough to reveal their shape, yet small enough to be considered studs, a beautiful piece of everyday jewellery that would suit your minimalist Valentine. Chose a matt gold finish for a soft vintage feel, or silver if you’re after something a little more modern.

Geometric stud earrings.                                          Star necklace.

Star necklace – For the romantic beauties  

Charming and Elegant, this star pendant can be taken from day to night. The design features Venetian details and a classic shape that has been revamped to give your stylish Valentine a little twist. Our unique star necklace symbolises unity and beauty, making it the most delightful and thoughtful gift. 

Lapis hoops- For the Ultimate hoop lover 

Hoops are having their best days, the trend for them is back with sweeping force. So, if you are after an infallible gift you have just found it. Everyone is going crazy for Yuka’s elegant Lapis hoops adorned with this deep blue natural stone.

Unique lapis hoops, an elegant jewellery piece, designed by independent designer Yuka, made from sterling silver and finished in gold. Bold tiger earrings, a hand-finished statement jewellery piece, by designer Kate, made oxidized silver.Lapis hoops.                                                                    Fierce Tiger earrings. 

Fierce Tiger earrings- For your brave and bold lover 

If you think your Valentine has a bold style and a brave heart, think no further than these delicately hand-finished tiger earrings that make a statement not only on fashion but also on animal rights. Our designer Kate translated her strong feelings into a stunning design that will leave a lasting impression.  

Palm leaf earrings- Absolute stunner 

The Ultimate crowd-pleaser- Palm earrings are guaranteed to conquer the heart of your other half. These earrings are feminine, delicate and absolutely stunning. We can’t think of anything that would make a better gift, can you? 

Stunning photograph of Palm Leaf Earrings, a statement jewellery piece designed by independent designer Yuka, made from sterling silver. Hand-finished pearl and lapis stackable rings, elegant everyday jewellery, by designer Haya, made from sterling silver and finished in gold, rose gold.Palm leaf earrings.                                         Haya's stackable rings.                                            

Haya’s stackable rings - For those who like to keep it simple

Minimalist and simple on their own but versatile and dynamic together, these stackable rings designed by our lovely designer Haya are a ring lover’s dream. These delicate rings come in an array of shapes and finishes so you can choose a style and combination that’s just right. To add extra meaning and thought to your gift why not go for the Lapis Lazuli design, this stone is believed to bring peace of mind and self-confidence to its owners. Or keep it classy with the pearl ring that is beautiful on its own and oh-so-elegant when stacked the way Haya intended.

Haven't found the perfect gift you were looking for? Shop the rest of our designer's creations here. 


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