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The Maravilo Story

The Maravilo Story

As newcomers to the jewellery industry we expect a lot of people will need time to fully understand what it is that we do and why we do it. This is why we wanted to take this opportunity and dedicate our first blog post to our story, where we began and how we ended up here.

We decided from the very beginning to take a completely different route from a traditional jewellery brand, and knew it would not be easy to succeed if we did not at least look the part.

After all, there are certain expectations from jewellery brands and certain stereotypes as well, we had to be very conscious of the norms we decide to follow and which rules we choose to break.

So, let’s start from the beginning, our brand was born out of frustration with creative industries and love for design and creativity. We found the jewellery industry especially hypocritical, an industry supposedly all about design and craftsmanship, in reality, leaves the creators and makers behind, and overshadows their brilliance with big brand names and even bigger marketing budgets.

Independent designers Lucky Culture and Pinar TelkokDesigners Lucky Culture and Pinar Telkok.

We started by talking to the people we thought were the most affected, the fresh talent coming out of universities all around the UK and the world. We met with many talented graduates and their professors from all around the UK and found that our frustration with the industry was echoed by these creators. In the process of meeting with designers, we were lucky to meet a number of incredibly talented people, but were saddened by their struggle to breakthrough into the industry and turn their creations into unique jewellery for people to love. 

These amazing designers felt that they had to bury their talent and take their place behind the faceless brands in the word of fast fashion. To make it on their own, they needed capital, connections and astute business skills. We were repeatedly hearing the same story, and continuously seeing the creativity and talent of extraordinary designers being diluted by the industry. This frustration was the spark that created Maravilo, a brand that would shake things up and finally put creators front and centre.

We created a brand to turn things around in favour of talented humans. We wanted to provide a platform for up and coming designers to be seen and heard, and empower them to have their unique designs produced as intended. Maravilo is all about putting designers first, supporting emerging talent and helping them get a jump start in the jewellery industry.

Designer's Vi Twins and Haya LutfullahDesigners, Vi Twins and Haya Lutfullah.

We wanted to go against the mainstream, we felt passionate about creating a brand for those who do not follow trends, people who choose to revel in the 'brave choice'. To ensure that we could deliver exceptional jewellery, we asked each of our talented designers to let their imagination run wild and let us bring their visions to life.

Their designs were ethically produced with precision and excellence by our very finest, and highly skilled artisans. No diluting their creativity, their original ideas produced exactly as intended. If you would like to get to know our talented designers and their story then follow this link.

Maravilo is on a mission to celebrate humans and embrace fresh talent that shapes tomorrow's creative landscape. This is an extremely exciting time for us, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds. 

Maravilo FoundersMaravilo founders Suleyman and Lale

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