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Valentines Day jewellery for her

Valentines Day jewellery for her

Valentines is less than 2 weeks away- the most romantic day of the year where you get to show your partner just how much they mean to you, and you’re probably here because this year you want to gift her something a little more special than flowers. Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve put together a list of gift-worthy jewellery guaranteed to fill her heart with love this Valentines day. Because Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a beautiful piece of jewellery.


 Vintage Hexagon Bracelet

Every girl loves a bit of arm candy, and if she's a lover of vintage style this bracelet is the perfect gift. Designed by Juliette Vert it's been hand-finished in 18k gold and white enamel for that extra bit of sparkle.


 Royal Locket

This modern yet timeless locket is the perfect piece to keep yours and your partners most cherished memories close to her heart. If you want to make this gift even more romantic, leave a handwritten message inside and it will remain a memory for life. Choose from a royal blue or go romantic with a scarlet red.


 Stackable Rings

The pearl is making a comeback in 2019 so If she likes to stay one step ahead of the latest jewellery trends impress her with Hayas stackable pearl rings. Available in gold, rose gold and sterling silver, it’s a minimalistic design that’ll stack perfectly with others.

a beautiful image of stackable pearls rings on a peach background. These pearl rings are by independent designer Haya and make the perfect valentines gift

Interstella Earrings

Show her that you love her to the moon and back with our interstellar earrings. Their Glamorous yet modern design will taker her from day to night-perfect if you're planning a romantic Valentines date. 

A model wearing beautiful contemporary earrings made from sterling silver and finished in 18k gold. these unique earrings are perfect for a valentines day gift

 Romantic Quartz Ball Necklace

Our Quartz gemstone necklace is just begging to be unwrapped this Valentines day. Symbolising love and intimacy, could you think of a more romantic gift to spoil your partner with ?  

A beautiful image of a gemstone necklace, this piece features the Quartz gemstone and is made from sterling silver and hand finished in 28k gold. this necklace makes the perfect Valentines day gift

Cute Cherry pendent

For a romantic piece that'll be reached for over and over again, choose this charming cherry pendant. This cute and stylish piece is perfect for the 'girly girl' and looks great with any outfit! 

A beautiful model wearing a stylish cherry pendant. this fruity necklace is made from sterling silver and finished in 18k gold


 Enamel Star Necklace

Tasteful and stylish, our Enamel Star necklace is a classy piece for a classy lady. Designed by breakthrough designer Juliette Vert this necklace has been hand-finished in jet black enamel to create a beautiful rich design.

  A beautiful model wearing a blue and white striped top with Maravilo's black enamel star necklace. This piece is hand finished from sterling silver, and finished in 18k gold and black enamel



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