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We're bringing statement back.

A stunning photograph of model wearing designer statement palm leaf earrings from yuccas tropical jewellery collection

It's time you make a statement with your jewellery.

When it comes to necklaces and earrings this season, bigger is most definitely better. This Spring is the time to dig out those statement pieces, as it’s all about extreme drama from the neck-up. Bold daring jewellery is making a comeback! 

Fashion is constantly changing, we are seeing a shift in people's attitudes. The modern day consumer is conscious of shopping ethically and very careful about the brands they support. More and more people choose style over trend, look for ways to highlight their individuality and stand out from the crowd. Statement jewellery allows us to do just that; the bigger, the bolder, the funkier the statement, the better!

So as discreet jewellery becomes a trend of the past, and we welcome back statement pieces with anticipation and excitement, what is it that we should be looking for when updating our jewellery box this season? Well, we suggest looking for designs that are guaranteed to spark conversation, timeless pieces with a great story to tell. Just be sure they are attention grabbing, because bold jewellery is most definitely the best and easiest way to enhance and dress up an outfit.  

If you’re new to the world of big and bold, and are looking for some statement jewellery inspiration, we’ve put together a few of our favourite pieces and recommendations that are bound to get people talking! 

Tiger studs- earrings with a powerful message.

Beautiful yet fierce tiger stud earrings in oxidized stering silver.

These stunning tiger earrings are taking statement to a whole new level. These beautifully crafted studs are not only making a fashion statement, they’re also making a statement on animal rights! These might not be the biggest pieces but what could possibly make a bigger statement than a roaring tiger adorning your ears? To create a look that is as fierce as the earrings themselves, style them with a long checked blazer- a hot trend right now. Then finish the outfit off with some bold biker boots to create a cutting edge look! Or go for the rose gold finished earrings for a touch of femininity. 

 Palm leaf earrings- the perfect addition to a spring/summer look.

Tropical paradise palm leaf earrings in sterling silver and finished in 18k gold.

Get yourself in the mood for your next summer getaway with these intricate palm leaf earrings. They are certain to make a statement whether at the beach or the club, you can style them with any outfit. For a look that’s pure paradise, and to get that “I just got back from Miami” vibe, mix these earrings with other tropical themed accessories and take your summer outfit to the next level.

Don't Shoot hoops 

Daring and edgy statement rifle hooped earrings in sterling silver and finished in rhodium.

This piece is just the right size to make a statement without going over the top. The message of non-violence is beautifully ironic and self evident in this design. Guaranteed to spark a conversation and make the bold statement you are looking for, these rifles are beautifully crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Oversized statement jewellery isn’t going anywhere, this trend seems to make an appearance every few seasons. If you don't believe us read up on history of statement jewellery

As a generation, we are all about individualistic dressing, and if that trend is set to stay then so is statement jewellery.

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