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We're making school extra sparkly!

We're making school extra sparkly!

Get ready to go back to school in style with our selection of minimalistic jewellery pieces perfect for studying. Whether you're starting back up at school, college or university, we’ve got you covered with simple chic studs that will keep you looking stylish from first period to fifth, and effortlessly elegant pendants that will get the whole class talking. This year we’re making school life extra sparkly!  

We know that getting ready to go back to school after a long summer can be difficult, so we've made choosing the perfect accessories to ensure your outfit is on point super easy. We’ve picked our top 5 back to school pieces, which means you have have one less thing to worry about. And don’t forget, jewellery is a great way of expressing individual style, so even if you have to wear a uniform you can still jazz it up by adding your own touch with these stunning pieces. 

1. Personalised Pebble Necklace

Let people know exactly who you are when you walk into a lecture by rocking your initials on this cute pebble pendant. Hand finished by designer Yuka this necklace is perfect for making a statement and adding a personal touch to an outfit. If you don’t fancy your own initials it could be a loved ones, a partner, or even a friends to show off you and your besties friendship.

A still life photograph of a Personalised pebble pendant on a peach background, and a model wearing a blue shirt with the pebble pendant on. This item is handcrafted from silver and gold, by independent designer Yuka

 2. Gorgeous Aventurine Pendant 

We know that you’re going to ace this school year, but If you need a little bit of extra luck to help you achieve those top grades, then this Aventurine pendant is here to bring you all the good luck you need. Hand-crafted by designer Yuka, the beautiful green stone that adorns this timeless pieces is supposed to bring luck, calm and opportunity into ones life.

A model shot and still life photograph of aventurine gemstone pendant, handcrafted from sterling silver and finished in gold by independent designer Yuka

3. Rose Halo Studs

These simple yet quirky rose hoops are a jewellery box staple every girl needs in their life. Made from sterling silver and finished is rose gold these subtle hoops are embossed with texture and slight imperfections to give them a cool edgy feel. Style them with a casual hair up do to create an effortless but stylish look.

Beautiful still life photograph of stylish rose gold halo hoop studs handcrafted by independent designers Lucy Culture

 4.  Stunning Star Necklace

This is your year to shine, so dress like the star that you are with this effortlessly beautiful star necklace. Made from sterling silver and finished in 18k gold this cute pendant is guaranteed to compliment all of your school looks to give you that everyday casual style you need.

Beautiful still life and model photograph of unique star pendant necklace . Handcrafted from sterling silver and finished in gold

5.  Farfara Earrings

Start off the school year looking tropical and on- trend with these gorgeous studs inspired by the must-loved Monstera. Hand crafted by independent designer Yuka, these endearing studs are a great way to amplify an outfit in seconds-perfect for those mornings where you’ve overslept, and you need to get ready in a hurry!

Tropical themed Farfara earrings by independent designer Yuka. These Monstera plant studs are made from sterling silver and finished in textured matt gold.

Now that you've got your jewellery sorted, read on to check out some more fashion advice and top tips that will help you survive the school year!


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