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The return of the Locket and Signet ring!

A photograph of a model wearing a designer signet ring hand finished in silver

It might be slightly annoying to admit that the things our mums once thought of as cool, while we playfully mocked them as teenagers are now our must-haves. The heroes leading this come-back are signets and lockets, pieces that you can now spot on every fashionista. Maravilo designers are embracing this wave, bringing to life jewels from antiquity with their bold vision and unique interpretation. Knowing how inquisitive jewellery lovers can be, especially those that wear Maravilo, we decided to dive deeper into this trend and give you a bit of background history. 

Historically only worn by men, the Signet ring has become a universally loved piece, and some are adding a bold and modern twist to this classic design. Centuries ago this timeless piece of jewellery was popularly known as the ‘gentleman's ring’ and was seen as a symbol of family heritage. The design engraved onto these rings would usually be a family crest or coat of arms which would be pressed into ink or clay to seal letters, creating a mark of ownership and authenticity. Worn on the pinkie finger only by figures of great status and authority, these precious rings were passed down from father to son through generations, but this isn't quite the case anymore. The Signet ring has had a redesign, and has now become the latest must-have female accessory, click here to find out why.

Today, the Signet ring is a lot easier to obtain, they are dominating the jewellery scene in a variety of modern styles and sizes that can be worn on any finger. Whether you’re male or female, you have a family crest or not, the signet ring can be worn by everyone and anyone. The Signet ring is a sign of someone’s personal self, their heritage and roots, and perhaps this is why it’s making such a comeback; they are expressions of individuality, a statement personal to every soul. If you're backing this latest jewellery craze, then here are some designs that we think you'll like. 

A beautiful photogrpah of three signet rings in gold,  silver, and rose gold. The symbol on the signet ring is the Awen symbolAwen Pinkie ring by Lucky Culture

Beautiful photo of designer evil eye signet ring handcrafted by designers, Lucky culture Protector ring by Lucky Culture

Beautiful photograph  blue enamel signet ring that has been hand finished ethicallyRoyal Blue Signet ring by Juliette Vert

A piece of jewellery that once adorned every little girls neck is the latest fashion craze this season; lockets are the next big thing on the jewellery scene. Originating from the 16th century, the early designs of lockets were a lot smaller than we see nowadays. They were used to conceal good luck charms, fabric soaked in perfume to ward of smells, and occasionally poison. The style of lockets we know today reached its popularity during the Victorian Era. People began to use the piece of jewellery as storage, to hold precious memories and photos of loved ones. Today lockets are very similar to the traditional Victorian style, we’re seeing designs that are embellished with the classic look but that have a slight modern twist. 

Old Victorian portraits of women wearing locketsphotos via

What makes the locket so special is the personal value, it’s specific to its wearer because of what it holds inside. Much like the Signet ring, it shows that jewellery today must have a story to tell, a personal value that cannot be measured in pounds or dollars. When it comes to fashion we are choosing possessions that have meaning, that celebrate personal, and the Signet ring and the locket both have the power to do that. Browse our collection, and see how Maravilo designers are putting their own take on the classic victorian style locket. 

Still life photograph of a Burgundy and white locket, both designer pieces have been handfinishe Modern victorian locket by Juliette Vert

photograph of beautiful modern blue and red designer locketRegal designer locket by Juliette Vert

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