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Swoopy stackable lapis ring


The unique form of this minimalistic designer ring is representative of the frivolous flow of music that serves as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for our gifted designer - Haya. This stackable ring can we worn in many different ways and combinations, yet it always stays beautifully elegant.  Lapis lazuli- natural stone that adorns this delicate ring,  is believed to bring peace of mind and self-confidence to its owners.

Finished in your choice of 18K rose gold, 18k gold or kept in its natural 925 silver form.

We use UK sizes for our rings. L is 16.1mm, N is 16.9mm, and P is 17.75mm in diameter.

Do not expose your piece to substances such as perfume, hairspray, chlorine, sulphur and salty water. We suggest polishing your jewellery regularly using a non-abrasive silver cloth to prevent tarnishing and storing your jewellery in its box away from other metals and stones to prevent scratching.

Delivery straight to your doorstep or office via trackable courier. We also offer free local shipping on orders of £75 and up.

Of course, if you are  unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return the product within 14 days of receiving it. Click to see our full Return Policy.

Hear the sound of Haya's creations

This is a creator is a designer maker from Central Saint Martins University. Meeting by chance with the Maravilo team she was showcasing her collection, hand-made from copper, swerving and flowing naturally around one's arm, neck and ears.

Drawing her inspiration from the ebb and flow of music, each piece comes full circle to end where it began. The versatility of Haya's designs is unmatched; using a singular design language, she is able to create pieces that are minimalistic and bold, elegant and eye-catching and universal in their appeal.


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