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Tiger rose earrings


Small enough to be inconspicuous yet detailed enough to make a lasting impression, Kate's Tiger earrings are the ultimate statement pieces. With her bold design language Kate is not only trying to make a fashion statement, but trying to bring attention to animal rights and the preservation of these beautiful beings. Jewellery with a cause is what Kate is all about. These earrings are finished with a thick layer of 18k rose gold and made from sterling silver.

This piece comes in one size.

Delivery straight to your doorstep or office via trackable courier. We also offer free local shipping on orders of £75 and up. 

We are afraid we can't offer returns on earrings for hygienic reasons. Click to see our full Return Policy.

Discover her message through her designs

Kate Strøm Fields draws her inspiration from the majesty of the animal world. The suffering of these creatures often imposed by human intrusion, brought her to create this collection that celebrates creatures in their natural state and pleads for the world not to shoot.

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