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our motto is raw talent uncut. we support up and coming talented artists by empowering them and brining their ideas to life.

Designers first

We are the other brand. We represent jewellery for those that revel in the “brave choice”. By supporting emerging talent first, and empowering designers to produce their ideas as intended, you get exclusive access to unique jewellery that you won't find anywhere else.

a powerful image and sketch of a tiger by Kate Strom Fields that inspired our tiger rings, earrings and pendant, as intended.

The cause

No more hiding behind fancy brands with huge marketing budgets. We are the people that put the designer front and centre, real artists creating jewellery for those that care. Liberate creativity, take pride in the provenance of our pieces, and find beautiful jewellery to reflect your style and vision.

A beautiful image of the Arch ring by one of the very talented jewellery designers we showcase, Pinar Telkok. This intricate ring is inspired by Venetian architecture drawing its roots from both the orient and occident.

How does it work?

Focusing on what they do best, our hand picked designers create unique jewellery, while we provide the online platform that showcases every collection and its creators for you to browse and shop, effortlessly.

A craftsman creating one of our exceptional jewellery pieces.


We don’t follow trends, we pride ourselves in embracing talent that defines tomorrows creative landscape. We are tirelessly looking for fresh talent to ensure we deliver exceptional jewellery you won’t find anywhere else. This is jewellery for the daring.